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Centralia, MO

Million Taylor Funeral Homes have been serving Centralia, MO with compassion and respect since 1991. While we offer high quality funeral services, we also offer other tribute options such as celebrations-of-life. It would be our honor to guide and assist you on your journey towards healing. We are grounded in our objectives to honoring lives and advancing new methods of doing so. Celebrations-of-life are deeply personalized and economical, providing comfort and hope during a time of great loss.

A celebration-of-life is a ceremony that celebrates the deceased. Whereas a funeral typically revolves around grieving the passing of a loved one, a celebration-of-life centers on the life that was lived. You can plan one for a loved one, or pre plan one for yourself.

A celebration-of-life focuses on love of the deceased. It permits you to entirely customize the event, perhaps theming it to something that the departed enjoyed.  It provides you, your family and your friends with comforting social support, gives guests the opportunity to bid farewell to the departed and fosters the sharing of memories. It is a hopeful ceremony that often explores the meaning of life and death.

A celebration-of life can take place either prior to or after the unfortunate demise. You can also host a ceremony on the anniversary of the loved one’s death or birthday. Funerals generally are held a few days after a person dies, but a celebration-of-life can occur at any time. This allows families ample time to plan and the ability to better accommodate the schedules of attendees. You can have the event in the setting of your choice: a beach, park, country club, favorite restaurant, a private home or a reception hall.

A celebration-of-life can be headed by anyone. If the family is religious, a clergy member can officiate the ceremony. For secular services, a certified celebrant may be the perfect choice. You can also pick a special relative or friend to do the honors.

We can orchestrate any form of celebration-of-life, be it a small family affair, a large festive celebration or a brunch setting. Your options are only limited by your imagination. We will assist you in selecting an appropriate location, food, decoration and any other meaningful details that you want present at the gathering. A celebration-of-life is ideal for commemorating the life of any loved one, such as a newborn, a child lost before term, children and seniors. Since it is tailored to your specifications, it is a fitting tribute to any loved one.