Funeral Homes and Cremation Services

Huntsville, MO

Million Taylor Funeral Homes make many memorialization options available to the families of Huntsville, MO. You have choices such as a digital tribute, a tribute video, customized printed materials, Thumbies Fingerprint Keepsakes and Memory Portraits. We also offer the most recent development in funeral service, live funeral webcasting.

Traditional print obituaries are rapidly becoming outdated as many families opt to establish a memorial website instead. Our online memorials not only allow you and your loved ones to archive family photographs and videos, they are tools for staying connected in memory of your departed. We encourage you to take a tour of our online tributes to see their power to honor relationships, commemorate a life and display the love you shared with the deceased.

A tribute video is an effective way to chronicle the life of the departed and showcase their relationships with family members and friends. Tastefully combining family pictures with beautiful images and music results in an emotive cinematic video that is appropriate for any funeral or memorial service. After the event, this video will doubtlessly become a treasured keepsake of the family. We can also make extra copies of it for relatives and friends at your request.

We make full use of the variety provided to us by Life Tributes when delivering to you individualized printing. We offer memorial bookmarks, service programs, prayer cards and folders, all of which can incorporate a cherished photo, poem or literary tribute to your loved one. This allows your guests to leave the service with a keepsake through which to remember your departed.

Our artists will cast a finger, hand or foot print of your loved one into the best quality precious metals. They then polish and inscribe each custom piece. This keepsake will be a constant and beautiful reminder of your deceased, keeping them close to your heart and in your thoughts.

 A Memory Portrait memorializes your departed while providing comfort to you and your surviving loved ones. Any picture wallet sized or larger can be replicated as a portrait signed by its creator. You can display the portrait at the memorial service or visitation and then keep it as an eternal tribute.