Funeral Homes and Cremation Services

Macon, MO

Million Taylor Funeral Homes help the families of Macon, MO to honor their deceased loved ones and celebrate the relationships they shared. A loving funeral service or memorial ceremony not only celebrates the life of your departed, it also allows family and friends to recount memories, express their thoughts and emotions, pay their last respects, accept the reality and finality of death and find communal comfort and support. Our highly experienced funeral directors would be honored to assist you in finding the perfect means of gathering in tribute to your loved one and commemorating his or her life.

Funerals are often traditional, formal events that are socially expected following the passing of a loved one. Many families arrange for a viewing or closed casket visitation to occur prior to the service. Our respected firm has many casket options available for families to choose from, covering a wide range of tastes and budgets. We will guide you in selecting a coffin that is handsome and appropriate for your circumstances.

Those who choose to cremate their deceased can also benefit from the comfort of a traditional funeral service. We have rental caskets that can be utilized for viewings and funerals, or you may use a specially created cremation casket for both ceremonial purposes and to contain the physical remains during the cremation process.

We work hard to provide deeply personalized services to the families who entrust their loved ones into our compassionate care. We liaise with the clergy to find the ideal officiant for the funeral and we also coordinate with the musicians that you request to play at the service. We make the arrangements for funeral flowers on your behalf and supervise their delivery and setup. In addition, we provide you with a permanent online memorial for your loved one where you can store family photographs and videos.