Funeral Homes and Cremation Services

Paris, MO

Million Taylor Funeral Homes provide the families of Paris, MO with high quality and economical cremation services. Families are encouraged to make use of our convenient and affordable online direct cremation service. This package includes all the normal expenditures for a cremation such as the transfer of the body to our modern facility, transportation to a local crematorium, required paperwork, alternative container and crematory costs.

We also offer memorial ceremonies that take place after the cremation has been conducted. Since this type of gathering does not involve casketed remains, there is much more flexibility as to where it can be held as opposed to a funeral service. We strongly recommend that families choosing direct cremation for a loved one also arrange for a memorial service or celebration-of-life. Choosing cremation does not eliminate the need for a healing experience after loss. Grief specialists agree that such a service is essential to the healing process. Please allow us to design and execute a fitting and meaningful event in honor of your deceased at some time following the cremation.

Another option to commemorate your departed when cremation is selected is to hold a traditional viewing or visitation and a subsequent funeral service. Many families find comfort in experiencing a format of final arrangements that they have seen many times before. We have rental caskets available for your use, or you can purchase a special cremation casket that can be utilized during the ceremonies and for the cremation itself. We also have an extensive collection of decorative and themed cremation urns to hold the ashes of a loved one. We would be honored to assist you in choosing one that suits your budget and your aesthetic preferences.

In addition to providing unmatched services for cremation, we are also experts at arranging for burials and graveside services. We hope that you will turn to us for information, guidance and support during this most difficult time.