Caring Voices

What is Caring Voices?

Caring Voices is a 24-hour telephone grief counseling service. Family members can call day or night and talk to a certified, masters level counselor. All call are confidential. It's like having your own grief counselor .

How Does the Caring Voices Service Work?

Caring Voices has a toll free number on the card. These cards can be given to a  family member and the card explains how to access the counseling service anytime, day or night, 365 days a year, whenever someone needs to talk.

Who can use the Caring Voice Service?

Anyone who has had loss and would  like to speak with some can have access to this helpful resource.

How much does the Caring Voices service cost?

There is no cost to the family using Caring Voices this is a service provided by Million Taylor Funeral Homes to the community.

How do I get started using Caring Voices?

Simply call the funeral home at 660 263 0234 we will give you the toll free number and set you up with a password.